Painting Serov “Children”

Serov deeply understood the spiritual world of children. For his life, Valentin Alexandrovich performed many children’s portraits. The best of them belong to the year 1899-1901. They are imbued with a feeling of severe tenderness.

In 1899 the artist painted a small picture Children. on which Serov depicts his sons Sasha and Yura.

Two boys stand on the terrace of the cottage; the elder looks at the panorama of the panorama of the gulf of Finland that is turning away into the distance and the evening northern sky dying away; the view of the younger is addressed to the viewer. This is a small genre picture and at the same time a portrait of two boys. Both are dressed in identical white blouses and blue pants, both curly dark hair, collapsing on the forehead in disorder. But the difference in their characters is emphasized by the artist.

Harsh objectivity, some piercing visual acuity, painted with moral purity, is such an indelible impression from the picture. There is no event, no action. Serov embodies the state familiar to us from childhood, when the child, left alone with his thoughts, plunges into contemplation.

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Painting Serov “Children”