The composition of Perov’s painting “hunters at rest”

Perov Vasily Grigorievich – an outstanding Russian artist, each painting is distinguished by the brightness of colors, an interesting story and unusual characters of ordinary people. Most of all I like his painting “Hunters at halt,” at the sight of which I always want to smile.

This picture depicts three brave hunters, who all day walked through fields and forests hunting down game. For all the time they caught only a rabbit and a duck, but it does not grieve men. Therefore, with the onset of the evening, they broke the halt and settled comfortably for the night. Tomorrow will be a new day, new searches for animals and birds that can be shot, but for now you can just relax in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

And what about the men who come together? Of course, hawk bikes about what they have done for their lives feats! And since they came together for hunting, they also hunted the bikes. So the oldest of the men began the story. By the way he holds his hands, you can imagine what he says about the terrible huge bear, which will pop out from behind the corner, as it rises to its hind legs, and how it will move forward…

Most likely this story is an invention from the beginning to the end, but one of the hunters, who is new to this company, looks at the narrator, wide-eyed and slightly rising from his seat. He believes this bike from the first to the last word and dreams also to experience something like that.

Well, the third of the hunters just corrects the cigarette by the ear with a grin. He heard this bike so many times that he already lost count. Therefore now only grins the naivete of a young hunter and can be remembered in his early youth.

I see that men like to sit around and chat in a friendly atmosphere. Each of them is enjoying this moment. And thanks to the skill of the artist, this peaceful, positive atmosphere reigning in the picture is transmitted to me.

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The composition of Perov’s painting “hunters at rest”