Painting by Plastov “The Fascist Flying”

The paintings of Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov always surprised me with the simplicity of their composition and the seriousness of the plot. Many of them left a trace in my soul, but the most indelible impression on me was made by his picture “Fascist flying”.

When I looked at the picture for the first time, it seemed to me very bright and optimistic. It depicts a clear autumn day, nature is dressed in its golden outfit. A breeze picks up a bright yellow foliage on the trees. And in the sky you can not see a single cloud.

But when I came closer, the picture aroused a sense of horror in me. After all, the beauty of nature shades a very terrible picture. I see that near the white-birch birches on the soft yellowed grass lay dead cows and beside them lies on their native land, which, suddenly, became a grave, a dead little boy. At first I thought that they were not killed at all, but just lay down to rest, tired for the day. But you just have to look at the picture,

and you can see a tiny fascist plane painted in the sky.

And immediately in memory there are memories of how the Nazis bombed the Russian land. And immediately it becomes clear that the shepherd boy and his pets are still dead. In the clearing there were only those cows that managed to hide from the deadly bombs in the forest and now cautiously look around the district, fearing another attack.

And next to the boy is his dog. She was his faithful friend and helper for a long time, but could not save the master from the enemy. And now she sits next to the boy, yearning for the death of her beloved host and looks longingly at the sky. It seems that the dog is just crying from terrible pain and injustice, realizing that he will never again lick the master, he will not play with him and will not hear how he calls her to him.

This picture reminds me once again of the horrors of the war, which at one moment destroys the lives of ordinary people. And I want to hope only that these horrors never recur, and we all could enjoy a peaceful life, rejoicing in the usual trifles – like a warm sun, a clear day, and, of course, the presence of family and friends.

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Painting by Plastov “The Fascist Flying”