The composition of the picture Reshetnikova “Boys”

Many of the paintings by the artist Reshetnikov depict children. I chose to write an essay on the picture of “The Boy” Reshetnikov, because I really like the guys who are drawn there. It seems to me that with all three it would be interesting to make friends.

Boys from the picture stand on the roof of a tall house. It’s been a long night in the city. The windows of the houses are glowing warmly. And very close above the heads of the guys a huge starry sky. In his work the artist uses rich blue and gray tones. Because of this, the night sky in the picture looks quite like the present, mysterious and exciting. You can look at it with heroes for a long time.

Perhaps the boys live next to each other, since they could meet late at night. It’s so wonderful when you can at any moment come running to a friend and share your thoughts with him!

A boy in a white shirt enthusiastically tells something to friends. And they listen to him very carefully.

The blond boy looks with interest to where his friend shows. From curiosity, he even slightly opened his mouth.

And another boy leaned his head on his arm and looked thoughtfully at the starry sky. He is somewhere far away in his dreams. It can be seen that the characters of all three boys are different, but there is something that connects them. The roof of the house turned now for them on the deck of the spaceship, and they became his team. And all fly to meet adventure. These adventures are still childish, absolutely not terrible. And in one of the glowing windows of each of them waiting for my mother. But when the boys grow up, they certainly will not forget about their dreams and their friendship.

This picture causes a desire to dream in me. Other planets and aliens, galaxies and constellations… How many different mysteries have so far remained unexplored and are waiting for me. Description of the picture “Boy” Reshetnikova allows us to feel that the mystery can be very close. Even on the usual roof of the house. The main thing is not to pass it!

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The composition of the picture Reshetnikova “Boys”