The composition of Yuon’s painting “The Winter Sun”

Painting by KF Yuon “Russian Winter: Ligachevo.” KF Yuon is a wonderful landscape painter. In his paintings he showed his love for nature, he created a generalized image of the Motherland. In his autobiographical essay, Yuon wrote: “In these pictures I tried to convey the monumental and poetic sound of Russian nature, I was looking for solemn notes that were to express the strong feelings for the native nature in a strong artistic language.” Russian Winter “is one such picture. To her I had a lot of sketches and sketches, but I wrote it, in essence, from the soul, only on the basis of etudes and sketches. “

The painting “Russian Winter” became a hymn of life, the beauty of nature. Trees in snowy furniture, quiet houses, groups of sleighing and walking with the children of the guys are all ordinary and at the same time uniquely beautiful. Winter in the village wrapped everything around a white shawl, crushed the faces of children,

offered many games and fun. The frosty air is transparent and fresh, and the artist managed to show it. The canvas combines greatness and everyday life, nature is understood by the artist as a human abode. When you look at the picture, the mood rises, you want to be in this winter village, ride a sled, run a race with a puppy, play snowballs

Description of the picture of KF Yuon “Russian winter. Ligachevo.” Landscapes native Moscow suburbs – a favorite topic in the work of K. F Yuon. The artist liked to depict the views of Ligachev – a village near Moscow, where he had a house. One of the most famous landscapes of KF Yoon is the canvas “Russian Winter.” Ligachevo, created by the artist in 1947. The author depicted a clear frosty day and the outskirts of the village near Moscow. We see the real realm of snow and the forest, submerged in a quiet winter sleep. Even the air seems to be still. In the foreground of the picture – covered with white cover of pine and spruce, as if frozen in cold, frozen in numbness. Through their branches, covered with silvery frost, sunlight breaks


In the background of the canvas – a few small Christmas trees, dressed in smart white coats. From the white color blinds the eyes. Thrush the branch by accident – like a fur hat, a fluffy snowball falls on its head. And the branch, slightly swinging, will again become asleep, as if in a dream. Frost and snow to the children in joy. They jumped into the courtyard in a cheerful crowd to play snowballs, ride a sled, or simply lie in a snowdrift. The merry dog ​​also does not want to fall behind – barking barkingly and getting under his feet, he grabs the kids for pants and fur coats, trying to outrun the sleds flying from the mountain. Colorful and decorative, the painting “Russian Winter: Ligachevo” captivates the audience with its sincerity, sincerity, warmth and reflects the artist’s boundless love for native nature.

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The composition of Yuon’s painting “The Winter Sun”