The Painting by Levitan “Lake., Rus”

His great last picture of the artist Levitan called “Lake. Rus.” In the picture, the broad expanse of water reflects clouds illuminated by the sun. On the far shore, as far as the eye can see, fields, villages, domes of churches. Everything in the picture – the sun, the wind, the rushing clouds – is permeated with a sense of happiness. It seemed that the artist wanted to say: “This is Rus, happy, free, what it can be and will be, not poverty, not humility and suffering – the destiny of Russia, it’s all in the future.”

In the picture, the idea of ​​the native land, about solemn and at the same time simple and clear its beauty is really generalized. A calm and majestic large lake. On its outlying banks are peasant huts, arable land, graveyards with white churches and bell towers, with the bush of autumn birches. On the azure sky, the clouds of clouds, infinitely arising from the horizon, are slowly floating. And their clearly felt flight underscores the vastness of the Russian expanses.

The artist in the picture surprisingly achieves the dynamism of the state of nature with seemingly unbroken calm. Perspective depth creates the sky, precisely the forms of clouds, which seem to come out of the “plane” of the sky; They are contrasted with a reflection in the water, intersected by rapid ripple motions.

In the painting, the artist especially brings the pure landscape closer to human life. The joyful, full of sunlight, the air of the landscape with its solemn expanse of earth and sky seems to be the embodiment of a festive day in the village.

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The Painting by Levitan “Lake., Rus”