Biography of Yegor Beerov

Egor Vadimovich Beroyev – a famous actor of theater and cinema, played a large number of unique roles.

Egor was born on October 9, 1977 in Moscow to a family of actors. His father – Miseenko Vadim – Soviet actor, who played many roles in the domestic cinema. Mother – actress Elena Beroeva. Both the grandmother and grandfather of the actor were well-known personalities in the Soviet theater and cinematography. Beroev has a brother, he also followed in the footsteps of his parents.

The beginning of the creative path

When Yegor was only seven years old, he made his debut on stage for the first time. However, the boy felt very constrained and did not manage to play everything properly. Despite this, in 1994 Yegor entered the theatrical school. M. Schepkin. And in the same year he plays his first role in the film “Dedication of Love.”
After graduation, he was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. Here

he played many popular and vivid roles in the productions: “Juliet and her Romeo,” “Casting,” etc. Beroev began to be invited to episodic roles in the series. The actor brilliantly played and performed the most complicated stunt tricks. A striking example of Eskor’s stuntman talent was the film “Playing Modern”.

Incredible popularity

After the premiere of the film “Turkish Gambit”, Beroev becomes incredibly popular. Begins cooperation with famous directors, he is constantly invited to appear in films.
In 2008 he participates in the show “Ice Age – 2” and becomes the winner of the project.
In 2009, with a new partner is going to conquer the “Ice Age – 3”.
Egor is very fond of riding horses, doing aikido and constantly keeping himself in good shape. Actor starred in more than 45 films. Among the most popular were the following paintings: “Admiral”, “Moms”, “Chemist”, “9 unknowns” and others.
Yegor Beroyev was awarded a large number of awards and letters. GQ magazine recognized him as the best actor of 2005.

Personal life

In 2001, at one of the press conferences, Beroev gets acquainted with Ksenia Alferova, the couple has a warm love relationship. In November, Xenia and Yegor decided to get married. On April 4, 2007, the couple had a daughter, Evdokia, born. The birth took place in Italy. For Yegor this was a very important event. He tries to keep all family traditions and be the main family.

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Biography of Yegor Beerov