Biography of Yegor Konchalovsky

Yegor Andreevich Konchalovsky – director, producer, screenwriter, actor.

Yegor Konchalovsky was born on January 15, 1966 in Moscow in a family already famous in the field of the film industry. Even the army service in the biography of Konchalovsky was associated with the cinema: he served at the studio “Mosfilm” in the cavalry regiment. Then he studied in the UK: Oxford International School, as well as the London Business College. In 1994, the biography of Yegor Konchalovsky received a master’s degree in the direction of the history of art.

At first, a well-known family name and pedigree helped Yegor. From 1989 to 1991 he was an assistant director. Then in 1992 he founded an advertising studio. So the biography of Yegor Konchalovsky became famous as one of the best directors of advertising. He made videos for the most famous producers.

Yegor Konchalovsky produced two films: “I was a Soviet writer”, “Mustang”, was the director of six films. Acting in the biography Konchadovsky was started in 2005 with a small role in the film “Escape”. Then he starred in “Canned”, “Stunts.”

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Biography of Yegor Konchalovsky