Biography of Ksenia Alferova

Ksenia Alexandrovna Alferova is a Russian actress.

Was born in the family of Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov. In her biography Ksenia Alferova became interested in theater when she was still a schoolgirl. In her school years, she first appeared in a movie. Then small roles went to Xenia thanks to the parents who took her with them to the set.

After school I entered the Moscow University for a law department. However, in the student years she began to perform in the theater “Contemporary”, then she led the television programs “Vzglyad”, “Bingo show”.

Becoming a first-rate lawyer, she trained in England, then worked in this specialty in Moscow. Deciding to change the boring cabinet life, in her biography Ksenia Alferova made an important act. She went to study at the Moscow Art Theater School. In 2001, Xenia married actor Yegor Beroev.

For the entire biography of Alferov, Xenia starred in several films. She played the main character in the series “Moscow Windows”. Then appeared in the movie “New Year’s adventures,” and after that – in the film “St. Petersburg-Cannes Express.” In 2003, another film with Xenia appeared – “The Taste of Murder”, and in 2005 – “Mirror Wars: Reflection One”.

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Biography of Ksenia Alferova