Biography of Alexey Batalov

Biography of Alexey Batalov

Alexei Vladimirovich Batalov is an actor, People’s Artist of Russia, public figure. Born in the family of the actors of the Moscow Art Theater.

After moving to Tataria in 1941 in the biography of Batalov, who at that time was 14 years old, theatrical activities began. The first role he received in the theater, organized by his mother. After returning to Moscow, he entered the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio. During the training I got married. Then the daughter of Batalov, Nadezhda, was born.

Until 1953 he served in the army, was a worker in the Central Theater. In the same year he began to play together with the Moscow Art Theater troupe, got first roles in the cinema. In 1954, in the biography of Alexei Batalov, a new love suddenly appeared – to Gypsy dancer Gitan Leontenko. However, she became Batalov’s wife only in 1963.

In 1957, the actor starred in the film “The Cranes Are Flying,” which a year later received the Cannes Golden Palm. Around the same time in the biography of the actor Alexei Batalov were shooting movies “My dear man,” “Lady with a dog.” From 1957 until 1975 he was the director of Lenfilm.

His screen version of the fairy tale “Three Fat Men” in 1965 was a great success. The next big success in the biography of Alexei Vladimirovich Batalov was the role in the film “Moscow does not believe in tears.” In all his career he has appeared in 32 films. Also, Alexei wrote two scenarios, was the director of three works.

Since 1975, Batalov teaches at the VGIK. In 2007, he headed the Academy of Cinematographic Arts. In the biography of the artist Batalov received six state awards, four public awards.

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Biography of Alexey Batalov