Biography of Valentin Smirnitsky

Valentin Georgievich Smirnitsky is an actor of theater and cinema, Honored Artist of Russia.

Valentin was born on June 10, 1944 in Moscow in a creative family. His parents were associated with the movie, but they were never actors. The decision to become an actor in the biography of Valentin Smirnitsky came completely spontaneously after participating in school productions. Then Smirnitsky entered the Shchukin school and graduated with success. After completing his studies in the biography Smirnitsky followed by an invitation to four theaters, but Valentin chose Lenkom. In this theater, the actor played many diverse roles. In his biography Valentin Smirnitsky used the opportunity to play in different places, not to stagnate, but to develop. Since 1999, he became an actor of the Moscow Luna Theater.

The debut in the movie in the biography of Valentin Smirnitsky took place in 1965. After several films Smirnitsky came to popularity. But the star for the actor was the role of Porthos in the movie “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers.”

After this successful role, Smirnitsky received many proposals. But the main roles were not so many, often the actor brilliantly played the role of the second plan. Among the most famous films in the biography of Valentin Smirnitsky: “Fathers and Sons”, “Prokhindiada”, “Visit of the Lady”, “Copper Angel”. Smirnitsky played in many TV series, for example: “At the corner of the Patriarchs-4”, “Master and Margarita”, “Red Chapel”.

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Biography of Valentin Smirnitsky