Biography of Agnia Ditkovskite

Biography of Agnia Ditkovskite

Agniya Ditkovskite is a young actress, who, with her beauty and talent, won a large number of TV viewers.

Born actress May 11, 1988 in Vilnius, in the family of a popular actress, who played the role of Anastasia Yaguzhinskaya in the movie “Midshipmen ahead” by Tatyana Lyutaeva and the famous director and actor Olegas Ditkovskis. From an early age, Agnia was in a creative atmosphere, parents often took her on tour and all kinds of shooting. The girl was engaged in dances and dreamed at the end of school about an acting career.
In 2004, Agnia, along with her younger brother and mother, moved to Moscow and faced the problem of knowledge of the Russian language. She has to teach him literally from the very beginning. Despite the change in the situation and another

mentality, a sixteen-year-old girl could easily overcome all difficulties on her way.
In 2006, after graduation from school, Agnia entered the VGIK at the acting department. Six months later, the girl throws the university.

First samples

Despite the fact that Agnia dropped her studies, she did not stop to make her debut in the lyric comedy “Heat”, which directed the director Rezo Gigineishvili. In this film, she played the role of Nastia dancer from a popular nightclub. The heroine was in love with the ballet and dreamed of a big stage and a dizzying success. This film was the beginning of the popularity of the girl, despite the fact that he was subjected to harsh criticism.
In 2006, Agnia continues to receive invitations to the shooting, she starred in the humorous series “Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman private investigation,” in the detective “Death by Will” and in the movie “Signs of Love.”
In 2008, after a creative break, Agnia returned to the shooting of new paintings. This year she plays the main roles in such films as “Autumn Waltz”, “Two Love Stories”, “Wings of an Angel”. Also, the actress played in the action film “On the Game”, in the melodrama “Only You” and in a good movie almanac “Happy

New Year, Mom!”.

Vocal Information

In addition to filming in popular films, Agniya also starred in the clip of Alexei Chumakov for the song “There Is There”. Together with the singer they played a touching story of two lovers. In the clip of the famous singer Roma Kengi “Airplanes” participated not only in the role of the actress, but also the singer.

Personal life

Beloved Agnia Ditkovskite became actor Alexei Chadov, whom she met on the set of the film “Heat”. They maintained relations for several years, but in 2009, for some reason, they broke up. A little time passed and the couple again resumed their relationship.
August 24 in 2012 the couple married, and on August 28 they played a magnificent wedding. After that, Agnia officially became Chadova. The couple have a very respectful relationship to each other. They have fun and cherish their relationships.
On June 5, 2014, the couple had a son, whom they named Fedor.

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Biography of Agnia Ditkovskite