Biography of Alexei Chadov

Biography of Alexei Chadov

Alexei Alexandrovich Chadov is a young talented Russian actor who has won the hearts of true judges of quality cinema.

Alexei was born on the outskirts of Moscow, or rather in the area of ​​Solntsevo. Galina Petrovna, mother of Chadova, worked as an engineer and brought up children alone. After the death of her husband, all efforts and worries about the upbringing of two twin brothers fell upon the woman. This happened when the boys were only 5 years old. When Alexey studied at school, he was engaged in a theatrical circle, and the first important role on the stage was the hare in the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” directed by Eugene Schwartz. The beginning actor received his first prize “Laureate”, and also got a ticket to Turkey.



graduating from secondary school, Chad and his twin brother decide to enter Shchepkin’s school to become professional actors. Even while studying they are invited to shoot in different movies and TV shows.


The first serious work of the actor was the film directed by Alexei Balabanov “War.” It was after this film that a wave of glory and recognition fell on the actor. Then Alexey was awarded the “Best Actor” award in Montreal. Directors began to offer Chadov various roles, and the next film, in which he starred, was called “At an unnamed height.”
In 2004, the actor starred in the movie “Night Watch” as the bloodthirsty vampire Kostya.
In 2005, he and his twin brother acted in the film “Alive” – ​​this was the first work in which the brothers played together on the same set. Alexey took part in famous films, such as: “Heat”, “9 Rota” and the popular comedy series “Love in the City”.

Active participation in public activities

In 2012, Alexei Chadov was officially included in the list of headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir V. Putin, as a confidant.

The personal life of the actor

From 2006 to 2009, the actor met with a popular Lithuanian actress named Agnia Ditkovskite. The actor met her on during the filming of the popular film “Heat”. In 2012 the couple got married. In 2014 they had a son Fedya. The couple are very happy in marriage.

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Biography of Alexei Chadov