Biography of Larissa Golubkina

Larisa Ivanovna Golubkina is an actress of theater and cinema, People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

Larissa was born in Moscow on March 9, 1940 in a military family. Received a good upbringing. Already in her childhood Larissa Golubkina decided to become an actress in her biography. The girl was fond of singing since two years. Parents in every way developed this interest in it. The father was still against the profession of an actress, because he considered this profession to be frivolous. So, when Larisa turned 15 years old, and she decided to take examinations at the music school, she had to do it in secret from her father. My father insisted on a more serious education: Larissa attended lectures on physics and chemistry at the university when she studied in the 10th grade.

But still in the biography Golubkina entered the musical pedagogical school in Moscow. She graduated in 1959. Then she decided to enter the State Institute of Theater Arts, where she studied at the

music department. When the girl was in her second year, she was incredibly lucky. Eldar Ryazanov invited Golubkina to star in his film “The Hussar Ballad.” Larissa passed the casting with success and began to prepare for the role of Shurochka: she learned horse riding, wore a male suit. And not in vain: in the biography of Golubkina this role has become truly stellar. After the film “The Hussar Ballad” the actress became very popular, many girls copied the image of Shurochka in the film. Father, who previously was not serious about the profession of an actress, changed his attitude to this issue.

Institute Larissa graduated in 1964. A little later, she began to work as an actress in CACA, the Central Academic Theater of the Soviet Army. After the stellar role of Shurochka in the biography of Larisa Golubkina, no less attractive roles followed. She starred in the films: “How to call you now?”, “Happy day”, “Give a plaintive book!”, “Tale of Tsar Saltan”, “Liberation”, “Three in a boat, not counting a dog”, “Simple-minded.”

The actress received many proposals, but Golubkina was very demanding of her characters, and besides she worked in the theater. So from many roles she simply refused.

The art of playing on the stage of the theater or in front of the camera was not the only thing that interested Larissa. She also continued to study music, took singing lessons. Performing popular and famous in those days songs, Golubkina gave concerts throughout the country.

In her entire biography, Larisa Golubkina was twice married. In the first marriage daughter Maria was born. And in 1974 Larissa met with Andrei Mironov. Then the famous and talented actor was married, but because of the cooled relationship with his wife he lived with his parents. Larissa and Andrew soon began to live together, and in 1976 Mironov filed a divorce. This couple lived together for 14 years, and in 1987 Andrei Mironov died. Since then, Golubkina has not married.

Larisa Golubkina is still in demand as an actress. She acts in films, performs, plays in the theater.

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Biography of Larissa Golubkina