Biography of Vladimir Zeldin

Vladimir Mikhailovich Zeldin is an actor, People’s Artist of the USSR.

Vladimir was born on January 28, 1915 in the town of Kozlov, Tambov province, in a musical family. Great popularity came in the biography of Vladimir Zeldin after the film “Pig and Shepherd”, which was released in 1941. The next films were: “The Tale of the Siberian Land”, “The Teacher of Dances”. They were followed by the famous film “Carnival Night”.

Since 1945, Zeldin is an artist of the Soviet Army. In the theater of the Russian army he performs several brilliant roles, among which – the main role in the production of “Man from La Mancha,” roles in the performances “Invitation to the Castle,” “Long Time ago,” “Uncle’s Dream.”

Among other famous films in Zeldin’s biography: “The Taming of the Shrew”, “Uncle Vanya”, “With You Without You”, “The Woman in White”, “Ten Little Indians” and many others.

In 1975, Vladimir Zeldin in his biography received the title of People’s Artist of the USSR. Also has several other awards, orders, prizes. The last role played by Zeldin, was the episodic role in the series “Happy Together.”

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Biography of Vladimir Zeldin