Biography of Yegor Gaidar

Yegor Timurovich Gaidar is a statesman of Russia, Minister of Economy and Finance, and. about. Chairman of the Government, Doctor of Economic Sciences.

Egor was born on March 19, 1956 in Moscow. Yegor Gaidar is grandson to the writers Arkady Gaidar and Pavel Bazhov. Higher education in the biography of Yegor Gaidar was received at Moscow State University, in 1978 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics. Two years later he graduated from the postgraduate course. From 1983 to 1985 Gaidar worked as an expert in the State Commission for Economic Reforms. At that time several articles of Gaidar on economic topics were published. He also took part in the development of reforms of perestroika. From the next year he serves as a senior research fellow at the Institute of Economics and Prognostication of the Scientific and Technical University.

The next stage of Gaidar’s biography is connected with the newspaper Pravda and the journal Kommunist, where he runs the economic department. Political activity in the higher circles was started in 1991. Then Gaidar took the post of Deputy Prime Minister. An inseparable connection with economic sciences is also traced in the following years of the biography of Yegor Gaidar. From November 1991 to February 1992 he is Minister of Economics and Finance of the RSFSR, and immediately after that – the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation. Then he was deputy and acting Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. From September 1993 to January 1994 served as First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

He has been a member of the State Duma since 1995. During his life Yegor Gaidar published over 100 articles on economics.

In 1998, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, with his work “Russia in a landslide,” rather sharply criticized the policies and reforms carried out by the government of Yeltsin, Chubais and Gaidar.

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Biography of Yegor Gaidar