Biography of Sergei Jurassic

Biography of Sergei Jurassic

Sergei Yurievich Jursky – actor of theater and cinema, director, Honored and People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

Sergei was born on March 16, 1935 in Leningrad. To say that Sergey’s family was creative is not enough. His father directed Lenkontsertom, was an actor, director, worked as art director of the Moscow Circus. It is not surprising that in his biography Sergei Yursky dreamed of a theater from childhood. But at the behest of his parents he entered Leningrad University, where he studied law. There, at the university, he began to play in the studio scene. So in the biography of Jurassic, the desire to become an actor has become stronger. And after the third year he left a legal education, enrolling in the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts.

Acting education

Sergei Jursky graduated in 1959. Already after the second course he began to play at the Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Gorky. There he played many roles, the first of which was the role in the production “In Search of Joy.” Then came the roles in the productions “Signor Mario writes comedy,” “Ocean,” “Woe from Wit.” Later he was invited to Leningrad Lenk to play a role in the play “Nobody”.

The first role in the cinema in the biography of Jurassic was played in 1959. After came out the films “Man from Nowhere”, “Black Gull”, “Serf Actress”, “Time, Forward!”. One of the most famous films in the biography of actor Sergei Jursky were the films “Respublika ShKID”, “Golden Calf”.

Over time, Jurassic became tight and uncomfortable in the Leningrad theater. So in 1978 he moved to Moscow, began working at the Moscow City Council Theater. In the 1990s, Jurassic’s talent as a director developed tremendously. This time in the biography of Jurassic is considered the most fruitful. He staged performances in theaters: the Moscow Art Theater, the School of Contemporary Play, the Mossovet Theater, the Japanese Hajuz Theater. Sergei Yursky was staged a television film “Eugene Onegin”,

consisting of eight series. The world tour began, and international glory did not keep itself waiting.

Being a permanent actor of the Mossovet Theater, Yursky also plays at the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov, the theater “School of Modern Play”, has played many roles in foreign theaters.

Other famous films with Jyrsky include: “You can not change the meeting place”, “Look for a woman”, “Love and Doves”, “Stargazer”, “The End of Eternity”.

Among the most important merits in the biography of Sergei Jurassic – the creation of a theater of one actor. He wrote a novel “Chernov”, which he used as a script for the film of the same name.

In 1968, Jursky received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and in 1987 – People’s Artist. Also awarded several medals, orders.

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Biography of Sergei Jurassic