Biography of Sergey Bezrukov

Sergey Vitalyevich Bezrukov is a popular Russian actor who played many roles and won the hearts of thousands of viewers. In 2008 he received the title of People’s Artist of Russia.

The actor was born on October 18, 1973 in Moscow. His father is a well-known director and actor Vadim Bezrukov, his mother worked as a store manager, and later became a housewife. They named their son after the beloved poet Sergei Yesenin.

Education Bezrukov received in an ordinary high school, constantly visited his father at work and dreamed of acting career.
In 1990 Sergey graduated from high school and entered the Moscow Art Theater. They chose the faculty “actor of cinema and theater.”

Actor launch

In 1994, the actor graduates from the studio school and works in the theater with Oleg Tabakov himself. One of the first films, where the actor made his debut, was the “Chinese service”. Before that, he had played only episodic roles.

1994 to 1999 he worked in the parody program “Dolls”. Sergei always managed to parody, so he played many times famous people in movies.
Sergei was very popular in the series “Brigade”, where they played the main role of Sasha Bely. After this role, the actor was a real success. He began to be invited to serious roles in TV shows and movies.
The best works were roles in the series: “Site”, “Yesenin”, “Master and Margarita.”
Sergei is fond of painting, likes to play the guitar and sing,
In 2008, Sergei released an audio album, which was called “The Hooligan”: the album included Yesenin’s songs and poems performed by Bezrukov.
In 2009, the actor and his wife participate in a charity event for orphans. The couple writes an album of folk Russian fairy tales and legends.
In 2010, Sergei founded an entertaining theater, which he named in his honor. Here he played many outstanding roles.
In 2013 he was appointed artistic director of the theater “Kuzminki”.

The personal life of the actor

In 2002, on the set of the series “Brigade” Bezrukov met with Irina, the future wife. The couple is constantly involved in all sorts of projects and shootings. Irina supports her husband in everything.
In 2012, the creative duo were born twins: son Ivan and daughter Alexander.

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Biography of Sergey Bezrukov