Biography Anthony Quinn

Biography Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn is an American actor of Mexican descent who won an Oscar three times, an artist, a writer.

Antonio was born in the Mexican city of Chihuahua on April 21, 1915. Quinn’s family was not rich, and when Anthony was still young, she moved to Los Angeles.

In his youth Anthony Quinn in his biography tried several professions. To earn a living, he worked as a butcher, also was a boxer. But the creative nature made itself felt: Anthony attended the architecture school of Frank Wright, was engaged in painting and sculpture.

Before he appeared in the cinema, he studied at a drama school. Then he played in the theater “At the Gates”, where he honed his acting skills. The first film in the biography of Anthony Quinn came out in 1936 – “Password.”

In it, the actor played a gangster. After filming the film “Living in the Plains” he married Catherine de Mill, who was the director’s daughter. But Quinn did not take advantage of family ties, and for a long time continued to play small roles. Quinn played many minor roles, but no progress was made, despite the fact that his actor’s gift was noted by critics and the public.

In 1947, Anthony Quinn began to play in the Broadway productions. He brilliantly played the role of Stanley Kowalski in the play “Tram” Desire. “

In 1952, Quinn starred in the movie “Long Live Zapata!”, Received an “Oscar” for the role of the second plan. This was followed by shooting in a number of interesting films. So Quinn appeared in the paintings “Wanderings Odyssey,” Rural Honor. ” In 1953, in the life of Quinn took place an important event – he met with the great director Federico Fellini. Quinn was invited to shoot the film “The Road”. Here Quinn played one of the main roles, the strongman Dzampano. The film is considered one of the best among the works of Fellini. And the talent of Anthony Quinn revealed here in full. For an outstanding role, the actor was awarded an Oscar.

In 1956, Quinn played a supporting role in the

film “The Thirst for Life”, directed by Vincent Minnelli. For such a compelling game Quinn was again marked by an “Oscar”. In the same year, Quinn played in the painting “The Hunchback of the Cathedral of Notre Dame”.

Another great role of Anthony Quinn can be considered the role of Zorba in the film by Michalis Kakoyannis “Greek Zorba.” In 1965, Quinn divorced his first wife and married Iolanthe Addolori.

Also Anthony Quinn in his biography tried himself in the role of director, having shot the film “Pirate”. And in 1973 he published the book “Original Sin”. In all of his life, Quinn has played in more than 150 films. The actor died on June 3, 2001.

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Biography Anthony Quinn