Biography of Marat Basharov

Marat Alimzhanovich Basharov – a popular TV host, Honored Artist of Tatarstan.

Early years

He was born on August 22, 1974 in Moscow. His father was a fitter and his mother a cook. The showman also has two brothers for his father.
After Marat graduated from high school, he entered the Moscow State University. Chooses the Faculty of Law. One of his stepbrothers – a theater critic – suggests that Marat pass tests for the role of the duke in the theater “Contemporary”.
The beginning actor gets this role and plays it for two whole seasons. After this development, Marat decides to quit Moscow State University and hand over the documents to the Theater School. Shchepkin, where he successfully entered.
In 1996, he completed his studies at the school.


When Marat studied, he moonlighted as a security guard, took part in shooting commercials and even played an episode in the movie “Burnt by the Sun”.

After graduating from college, Basharov offered to work simultaneously in two theaters, but he chooses a film career and work on television.
In 1998 he was offered a role in the film “The Barber of Siberia”. After this work, the actor comes to the long-awaited glory. Mikhalkov praised the talent of the guy and gave him the opportunity to fully manifest his creative talent.
In 2006, Basharov participates in the television show of the first channel “Stars on Ice” and gets the first place. Then he goes on tour to fifty cities.
In 2007 – 2008, Marat conducts the show “Ice Age”.
Since October 11, 2009 he is conducting a series of programs “
In 2012 Basharov takes part in the popular show “Dancing with the Stars”. The pair takes third place, but the actor could not attend the final of the show, as his mother died.
In 2013, starred in the series “Good Name”, all the actor’s tricks performed independently.
Basharov starred in such popular films as: “Border, Taiga Novel,” “Wedding”,
“Voroshilovsky Shooter”, “Turkish Gambit” and many others.

Personal life

From 1998 to 2008, the actor lived in a marriage with Elizabeth, who for him accepted the Muslim faith. In 2004, the couple had a daughter, Amelia. The couple broke up because of Marat’s novel with figure skater Tatiana Navka.
In 2014, the actor marries Catherine Arkharova, a famous Russian actress.
Basharov has many awards and is constantly invited to shoot. Also fond of tennis, football and backgammon. Sometimes he plays hockey.

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Biography of Marat Basharov