Biography of Georgy Yumatov

Georgy Alexandrovich Yumatov is a film actor, People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

Georgy Yumatov was born on March 11, 1926 in Moscow. During the Great Patriotic War he fought. From 1941 to 1942 in the biography of George Yumatov was trained in the Naval School. During the liberation of Budapest, Bucharest, Vienna, George took part in the battles. For the performance of combat missions, heroism and courage was awarded several awards, including medals Ushakov.

The first appearance in the movie in the biography of George Yumatov was held in 1944. Then he played the role of a monk in the film “Ivan the Terrible”. But the beginning of his career in the biography of Yumatov is considered to be the film “Spring”, where he played the role of assistant to the make-up artist with a single phrase: “Permission?”. Then Zhora Yumatov went to VGIK to enter the first year of study. However, after listening to him, he received an unexpected answer:

he has nothing to teach, he is an excellent actor. After that, Yumatov began to play in the theater actor. There he worked until 1994.

In 1945, George became an actor of the studio “Mosfilm”, and followed a series of roles in the cinema. He played in the films “Young Guard”, “Three Encounters”, “The Story of a Real Man”, and then he already felt what fame means.

During the filming of the film “Young Guard”, Yumatova’s wedding took place on the actress of the Krepkogorskaya Museum. Muse was one of those actresses who consider themselves undeservedly forgotten. Family money, she spent on jewelry, while Zhora lived half-starving. After several abortions, the couple broke up, although not divorced. And later again came together.

Among the many films, which starred Yumatov, it is worth noting the picture “Attention, Tsunami!”, Which was the first catastrophe in the history of the USSR. Also among the memorable films in the biography of Yumatova: “One of Us”, “Dangerous Tour”. Several roles Yumatov lost because

of drunkenness. So he would play Sukhov in the film “The White Sun of the Desert,” but the fateful fate decided otherwise.

In the 1990’s in the biography of Yumatova, like other citizens of Russia, there was a troubled time. Serious roles were offered less and less. In 1994, Yumatov shot a janitor from his hunting rifle. His lawyer was able to prove that the actor acted for self-defense, so that two months later Yumatov was already released. However, the prison left a big mark in the biography of George Yumatov. He began to lead a healthy lifestyle, but sagging health was felt. October 5, 1997 George Yumatov died, being sick with an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta.

In his entire biography, actor Georgy Yumatov starred in more than 70 films. In 1982, he received the title of People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

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Biography of Georgy Yumatov