Biography of Mikhail Galustyan

Mikhail Sergeyevich Galustyan is a humorist, an actor.

Mikhail was born on October 25 in Sochi. In his childhood he dreamed of becoming an actor, already then he made others laugh. After graduation, he entered the State University of Tourism in Sochi. It was during the university time in the biography of Michael Galustyan was first taken part in the KVN. The team of the Sochi University “Burnt by the Sun” was very fond of the audience, largely thanks to the actor’s skill and charm of Galustyan, won the Major League of KVN.

Then in his biography Misha Galustyan appeared on television in the program “Smekhfederation.” But the more successful, unique project was the program “Our Russia”, the first series of which was published in 2006. There, Mikhail performs several completely diverse roles.

The first role in the movie in the biography of Galustyan was played in 2006. Then he starred in the films “Martian chronicles”, “Hitler kaput.” Also, Galustyan appeared in the joint comedies of TNT and “Comedy Club” – “The Best Film” and “The Best Film 2”.

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Biography of Mikhail Galustyan