Biography of Svetlana Antonova

Svetlana Sergeevna Antonova is an actress of theater and cinema.

Svetlana was born December 10, 1979 in Moscow in a military family. Svetlana had a pleasant appearance since she was a child, and at 16 she even received an offer from a modeling agency. After graduation she decided to enter a pedagogical institute and passed the documents. But after changing her mind, and like her older sister Natalya, she entered the Shchukin school, although she was also accepted in GITIS. After graduation in 2001, she became an actress in the Satire Theater under the leadership of Alexander Shirvindt. There, in the biography of Svetlana Antonova, many roles were played. For example, in the productions “Apple Thief”, “Hotel Mistress”, “Secretaries” and many others.

Her husband actor Oleg Dolin, with whom Svetlana studied from the first year. In marriage, the daughter of Masha was born. But in 2008 the family disintegrated, having existed for 11 years.

The first role in the cinema in the biography of Antonova was played in 2000. Several years Svetlana got only episodic and second roles in the films. And in 2005 she was first proposed the main role – in the series “My Love”.

The real glory came to Svetlana Antonova after the film “Piranha Hunting”, directed by Andrey Kavun. Svetlana has successfully played a chemist-biologist, having performed all the tricks herself. According to the script, Svetlana in the film cut her hair with a knife.

After the stellar popularity in the biography of Svetlana Antonova, the main roles just fell down. Since 2007, she starred in the films: “The Bay of the Lost Divers”, “My Light”, “Mines in the Fairway”, “Crazy Love”, “Sea Patrol”, “Detective Agency Ivan da Marya”, the series “Montecristo”.

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Biography of Svetlana Antonova