Biography of Maxim Averin

Maxim Viktorovich Averin is an actor of theater and cinema.

Maxim was born on November 26, 1975 in Moscow. His father was an artist-decorator at Mosfilm, but he dreamed of becoming an actor. Thanks to his father, Maxim first appeared in an episodic role in the film “The Adventures of Count Nevzorov.” Deciding to become an actor, Maxim Averin in his biography began to study in a theater studio and play at the Theater of Miniatures. Then he entered the school Shchukin.

Immediately after the end of the Higher Theater School in the biography of Maxim Averin received an invitation to the theater “Satyricon.” Naturally, the young actor agreed, and made his debut in the production of “The Threepenny Opera.” Slowly but surely the career in the biography of actor Maxim Averin moved up.

When in 2002 Yuri Butusov began to work in the theater, Maxim Averin was able to really open up. Soon he became the leading actor of his theater. He played

in the productions of “Macbeth”, “Richard III”. In 2002, artist Maxim Averin for the first time in his biography received a serious award – “Triumph”.

Change the role of a positive hero Averin was able to staged “Masquerade,” directed by Vladimir Ageyev. Then came the roles in the productions “King Lear”, “Funny Money” and work with different directors.

The debut in the cinema in the biography of Averin came in 1999. Then he starred in the films “Truckers”, “Carmen”. And for his role in the film “Magnetic Storms” was awarded the Russian Government’s award in the field of culture and approval of critics. Averin played the main role in the film “Carousel”, which was released in 2005. Then he starred in “Kazaroza”, “Aziris Nuna”, the series “Doctor Zhivago”, “Varvariny weddings”, “I love you to death” and others. Great popularity among the audience enjoys the series “The Capercaillie”.

Until now, Maxim

Averin in his biography is not married. The actor confirmed this information in September 2009. And in January 2009, Maxim participated in the program “Let’s Get Married” on Channel One. The actor believes in love at first sight, but there is no wife in the biography of Maxim Averin.

Maxim took part in the program “Star Ice”, skated in a pair with Anastasia Grebenkina. Averin negatively regards cheap media popularity and replicating the image of the star on television, so he prefers to leave his personal life behind the scenes.

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Biography of Maxim Averin