Biography of Ian Arlazorov

Jan Mayorovich Arlazorov – actor of the theater, Honored Artist of Russia, humorist.

Jan was born on August 26, 1947 in Moscow in the family of a lawyer. Of all the relatives, only Jan’s grandfather played in the theater, he also instilled in the adolescent a love for the stage. Theatrical education in the biography of Jan Arlazorov was received at the Shchukin school.

At the beginning of his career, Yana Mayorovich worked in a children’s theater, then began to perform at the Moscow City Council Theater. This theater Arlazorov devoted more than 30 years, played a lot of interesting roles. And in the 1990s he came to the stage, eventually leaving the theater.

Humorous performances Arlazorov famous improvisation, as well as constant communication with the audience. Talent in the biography of Jan Arlazorov manifested itself in different guises. Simultaneously with performances on the stage, the actor conducted the transfer to radio stations. Also starred in several films, in small roles. Once Yang even acted as a director – in the film “Pif-puff, oh-oh-oh-oh.”

Biography Arlazorova, a talented artist and humorist, broke off on March 7, 2009 after a long and serious illness.

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Biography of Ian Arlazorov