Biography of Maria Berseneva

Maria Vladimirovna Berseneva is a popular Russian actress who has played many worthy roles in the domestic cinema.

Early years

Born actress May 30, 1981 in Moscow. Her father, a former policeman, later became a sports judge and a karate coach. Mother, a former sportsman in speed skating, the field of retirement also became a coach. The girl was very developed, she began to speak early. She was very fond of the kindergarten teachers. She easily mastered reading and counting, but due to natural laziness and restlessness she was not distinguished by diligence in her studies. At the age of seven, at the insistence of his father, Masha begins to play the guitar. At the age of twelve, he entered the Lyceum at GITIS.

Career and success

In 2002, Maria graduated from GITIS, then worked as a professional model. Often acted in commercials. The first role was in the series “Daughters – mothers”.
Maria often got short episodic roles, where

the girl played a little bitchy and self-confident beauties. She was remembered by TV viewers on roles in the series: “Champion”, “Petya Magnificent”, “And yet I love…”.

The peak of glory

The big popularity to the actress was brought by a serial “Margosha”. The girl came to the casting and was selected one of the first. She was put the only condition: to repaint hair from a brunette to a blonde, but she flatly refused. Despite this, she was approved for the role, and she played in one of the most popular TV series of the decade.
Maria regularly receives invitations to shootings and roles in the theater. She is very kind, faithful and sympathetic person. With her beauty Bersneva conquers men. She was repeatedly invited to take photos in the magazine “MAXIM”.

Personal life

When Maria studied at university, she married Guram Kofenlu, from him gave birth to his son Nikita. When the child was six months old, the couple divorced.
December 21, 2007, the actress marries Nikolai Bersenev, before the official list, they lived for five years in a civil marriage. In 2009, the couple is applying for a divorce.

Her last works were roles in the films: “Kukushen”, “Bablo”, “Family Detective 2”.

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Biography of Maria Berseneva