Biography of Georgy Zhzhenov

Georgiy Stepanovich Zhzhenov is an actor of theater and cinema.

Georgy was born in Petrograd on March 22, 1915, in a poor family. The first 22 years in the biography of Zhzhenov were held on Vasilievsky Island. Having graduated from the 7th grade at the Leningrad school with a physical and mathematical bias, he became interested in circus, theater and cinema. Therefore, instead of studying in the 8th grade, he entered the variety circus technical school. A year later, George with a self-assigned number began to perform in the circus “Shapito”. His acting talents were noticed, and very soon they invited me to act in films. So George Zhzhenov in the biography began to appear on “Lenfilm”. His debut film was the film “The Bug of the Hero”, in which Zhzhenov played the role of tractor driver Vetrov. In the same year, finally deciding to elect his acting profession, Zhzhenov entered the Leningrad Institute of Performing Arts. There he studied at

the department of the film actor. Even before the end of training, Zhzhenov starred in a number of paintings. For example, in the films “Crown Prince of the Republic”, “Chapaev”, “Golden Lights” and in others.

In 1937, the elder brother of George – Boris Zhzhenov – was arrested and sent into exile. George refused to go with him. However, he himself was soon arrested on charges of espionage. The occasion was absurd: during one of the trips to Vladivostok, George met with an American diplomat, which was the reason for the charges of espionage. Zhzhenov was sentenced to 5 years, then added another 21 months in the camps. And in 1945 they released ahead of schedule. Until 1946 in his biography Zhzhenov worked in the Magadan Drama Theater.

Then, thanks to his friendship with A. Gerasimov, I got a job at the film studio of feature films in Sverdlovsk. After the closing of the studio, he began to play in the theater of the city of Pavlovsk-on-Oka. After that, Zhzhenov’s biography was followed by an arrest. At first he stayed half a year in prison, and after that

until 1953 he was in exile in Norilsk. Nevertheless, even there he worked in a dramatic theater.

Despite the difficult fate, Zhzhenov after liberation has not lost his craving for art. In 1955, after rehabilitation began working in the drama theater of Leningrad, then in the “Lenkom”. In 1968, Zhzhenov in biography returned to Moscow, began to play in the Moscow City Council Theater.

Throughout his career, Georgy Zhzhenov has played more than 60 roles in film. Among the famous films with his participation: “The Eleventh of July”, “Everything could be different”, “The Man with the Future”, “The Star on the Buckle”, “The Man I Love”, “The Planet of Storms”, “Watch Out for the Car”, “Spring on the lake, “” The End of Lubavins, “” Crew “and many others.

In 1979, Georgy Zhzhenov in the biography received the title of People’s Artist of the RSFSR, and in 1980 – People’s Artist of the USSR. In addition, he has many other titles, awards and prizes. Georgy passed away on December 8, 2005.

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Biography of Georgy Zhzhenov