Biography of Alena Bondarchuk

Biography of Alena Bondarchuk

Alena Sergeevna Bondarchuk is an actress of theater and cinema.

Alena was born on July 31, 1962 in Moscow. All family members in the biography of Alena Bondarchuk were creative people. Mother Irina Skobtseva is an actress, father Sergei Bondarchuk is a director, actor and screenwriter, and Alena’s brother is a director, actor and presenter Fyodor Bondarchuk.

From the very childhood, the biography of Alena Bondarchuk was painted by the minute, the parents tried to give the children as much knowledge as possible. Alena went to music school, studied English, was fond of art. When the parents left, Alena, along with Fedor, was brought up by her grandmother.

Actor education in the biography of actress Alena Bondarchuk was received at the Moscow Art Theater School.

There she studied at the course of Evstigneev. She made her debut in the movie Alena in 1982. In the 1980s, she appeared in several other films: “The Paris Drama”, “Time and Family Conway”, “Abduction”, “Come Free”, “Carousel on the Market Square”. Together with Fedor Bondarchuk played in the film “Boris Godunov”, directed by Sergei Bondarchuk. Alain Bondarchuk looks exquisite and attractive on all photos in his biography. The fame of the parents, although expanding the girl’s possibilities, required a lot in return – Alena had to bear the burden of parental fame. And she succeeded with it. The actress refused some roles, which in her opinion would not have liked her father.

Then Alena began to play in the theater, leaving for the time being shooting in the cinema. The actress played in the Pushkin Theater, the Mossovet Theater, and later in the Gorky Theater.

In 2000, Alena appeared in the film “Sergei Bondarchuk”, in 2002 – “St. Petersburg – Cannes Express.” Then she successfully played the role of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in the film “Poor Nastya”. Alena also starred in the films “Amber Wings”, “Spare Instinct”, “I Stay”, in the series: “Dear

Masha Berezina”, “Detectives-3”, “GAI officers”.

The actress was married. The only husband in the biography of Alena Bondarchuk was Vitaly Kryukov – a scientist and an entrepreneur. In February 1985, Alena gave birth to a son – Constantine. In her biography, Alena Bondarchuk paid much attention to her son. Konstantin Kryukov is a famous Russian actor.

The cause of death in the biography of Alena Bondarchuk was a progressing cancerous tumor. The actress struggled for a long time with cancer, but doctors could not save her. Alena Bondarchuk died on November 7, 2009, within the walls of the Moscow clinic.

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Biography of Alena Bondarchuk