Biography of Alexander Filippenko

Biography of Alexander Filippenko

Alexander Georgievich Filippenko is an actor, People’s Artist of Russia.

Alexander was born in Moscow on September 2, 1944. The general school in the biography of Alexander Filippenko was finished with a gold medal. He received a higher education in technical education, studied at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where he specialized in the physics of fast processes.

Then Alexander decided to change his profession. Even before graduation, he was part of the pop studio, uniting the humanitarian faculties of Moscow State University. The organizer of this studio at the Moscow State University was Mark Rozovsky. Filippenko, deciding to seriously engage in acting, entered the school Schukin, who graduated in 1974.

In 1969, the first roles of Alexander Filippenko in the Taganka Theater were played. The actor was a member of the company until 1975. Then Filippenko began to play in the state academic theater Vakhtangov. He also took part in productions of the Russian State Theater “Satyricon”, the theater “Et Cetera”, the theater studio Oleg Tabakov, the Mossovet Theater.

He made his debut at Filippenko’s cinema in 1969. In total, in his biography, Alexander Filippenko starred in more than 70 films. Before becoming a recognized actor, Filippenko went through a difficult path that began with episodic roles and supporting roles.

Gradually, the actor Alexander Filippenko more and more revealed his talent, his ability to play accurately. Among the films with his participation: “Running August”, “Woman for All”, “Master and Margarita”, “Kill the Dragon”, “Aziris Nuna” and many others.

In 1995, Alexander Filippenko became artistic director in the theater “Mono-Duo Trio”. And in 1999 for the solo performance “Dead Souls”, which was staged in the same theater, was awarded the State Prize.

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Biography of Alexander Filippenko