Biography of Peter Shcherbakov

Biography of Peter Shcherbakov

Petr Ivanovich Shcherbakov – actor of theater and cinema, People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

Petr was born in the village of Pozdnyakovo, Kaluga region on July 21, 1929. After the war, Peter’s father settled down to work for ZiL. There later Peter Shcherbakov came to work in his biography. He received his first education in an auto mechanics school, where he studied in the evenings, and worked during the day. Diploma with excellent grades helped to enter the institute, but fate gave Peter another chance: once quite by accident he went to GITIS. And decided to pass the interview.. Fortunately, Peter liked the commission and was accepted to the institute, and immediately to the second course.

After graduating from the institute Petr Shcherbakov went to Germany,

where he played in the theater of a group of Soviet troops. Returning home, he began to work in the theater “Contemporary”. There, in addition to his acting skills Shcherbakov showed organizational skills, becoming the head of the party organization of the theater. In this position he did a lot for his native theater, but he never used power for his career.

The first role in the film Peter Shcherbakov in the biography played in 1956. More serious role can be considered the role of Tumanov in the movie “They met on the road.”

His best roles in the theater Shcherbakov played on the stage of “Contemporary”. Unforgettable, soaked with bitterness and truth was his role as Kindi in the production of “Without the Cross.” Among other theatrical productions in the biography of Shcherbakov: “The Naked King”, “At the bottom”, “So will we win!”, “Silver wedding”. Later, the actor moved to the Moscow Art Theater.

Among the famous films with the participation of Shcherbakov: “The Days of the Turbins”, “Investigators are experts, up to the third shot”, “Handsome man”, “Garage”, “Old New Year”, “Time for reflection”, “Office romance” Kidnapping “,” Children of the Sun “,” We are from Jazz “,” Son “,” Love of an Old Man “,” Investigator of St. Petersburg Police “and many others. In total for his biography Peter Shcherbakov played in more than a hundred films. Twice I was married. The son of Peter from his first marriage became a director.

In 1980 Peter Shcherbakov was awarded the title People’s Artist of the RSFSR. The great actor died on March 16, 1992.

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Biography of Peter Shcherbakov