Biography of Gosha Kutsenko

Gosha Kutsenko is an actor of theater and cinema, a TV presenter, a singer.

Yuri was born on May 20, 1967 in Zaporozhye. But since childhood, parents have called the boy Gosha, so this name has taken root. In the school years in the biography of Gosha Kutsenko, nothing foreshadowed the future acting career. Parents, like all relatives, were far from acting. At school, Gosha studied well, went in for sports. Together with his parents he moved to Lviv, where, after graduation, he entered the Polytechnic Institute. Not finished his studies, went to the army. After the service he again moved with his parents to Moscow.

Kucenko began to receive higher education in his biography at the Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation. But after two courses, an irresistible craving for the scene awoke in him. Then Gosh decided to leave the institute and go to study at the Moscow Art Theater School. It can not be said that parents were too happy to change their profession.

But, not looking at the Ukrainian accent, nor on kartovost, he managed to do it all the same.

Even during his studies, Gosha Kutsenko married Maria Poroshina. The couple had a daughter, Polina, but the marriage was short-lived, soon disintegrated. The first small role in the movie in the biography of Gosha Kutsenko was played during his studies. Then in 1991 he starred in the movie “The Man from the Alpha Team.” At the same time, another film was shot – “Mummy from a suitcase”. But after graduation, contrary to expectations, Kutsenko was not expected either in the theater or in the cinema. Only small roles were offered. For example, Kutsenko starred in episodic roles in the films “Children of cast-iron gods”, “Dreams”, “Hammer and Sickle.”

In the mid-1990s Kutsenko began to conduct TV programs on TV-6, MUZ-TV. But the work did not bring satisfaction. In those same years Kutsenko taught at VGIK.

Finally, one of the films of Gosha Kutsenko brought him fame. This film was the “Antikiller” Yegor Konchalovsky, released in

2002. For a long time to rest in his laurels Kutsenko did not – during the creative rise he appeared in several other films. And after that he distinguished himself by an excellent game in a lot of films, most of which became hits. So Kutsenko starred in the films: “Yesenin”, “Turkish Gambit”, “From 180 and up”, “Mom, Do not Grieve 2”, “Day Watch”, “Love-Carrot”, “Paragraph 78”, “Savages” “Gloss”, “Inhabited Island”. Also, Kutsenko plays in the Mossovet Theater.

Talent Kutsenko showed up not only on the stage. Gosh has long been fond of music. He sang in the group “Lamb-97”. Then he performed with the group “Anatomy of soul”, took part in the festivals “Invasion”, “New old rock”, “Emmaus”. After four years of cooperation with the group, in 2008 the project “Gosha Kutsenko” appeared. And in 2009, a joint song of Chile and Gosha Kutsenko “Tales” was recorded.

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Biography of Gosha Kutsenko