Biography of Rimma Markova

Rimma V. Markova is an actress of theater and cinema, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.

Rimma Markova was born in the village of Churino, Samara region, March 3, 1925. The girl was brought up in an actor’s family: her father worked as an actor in the drama theater of Saratov. Not surprisingly, since childhood in the biography of Rimma Markova played the first role. She was so carried away by the theater that in 1931 she played children’s roles in the theater where her father worked. In the Markovs’ family, it was established to work hard, because the parents themselves were very hardworking.

Education Rimma Markova in the biography also received a theatrical. At first she visited the studio at the drama theater of Vologda. Rimma had a brother who, along with her, was trained in an acting profession. Rimma was very close to her brother Leonid, guarded and protected him.

When the girl was 19 years old, she went with her brother to

conquer Moscow. Their desire to enter the studio at the Lenin Komsomol Theater was not prevented even by the terrible poverty of the family: the children slept at the station in Moscow, and the old and battered clothes looked dull against the background of the bright clothes of other arrivals. But this did not stop the plans of Markova: after the exams, her and her brother were enrolled in the studio.

The first big and successful role in the biography of Rimma Markova was the role of Frosi in the play “Second Love”. Thanks to the scene where the girl reads a letter to her lover, Markova became fond of many influential people in the creative world.

In Lenkom, Markova worked from 1951 to 1962. For the first time in her biography, Markova starred in film in 1964. In 1971, she began working as an actress in the theater-studio of the actor. The actress starred in more than 40 films. Among them: “Eternal Call”, “Not Evening”, “Hat”, “Take care of men!”, “Midshipmen, forward!”, “Evil Force”, “Wild Card” and many, many others.

The actress left for retirement in 1992. Since then, she has not stopped working in films, she works under contracts. Of the last known films with Markova: “Night Watch”, “Day Watch”, “The Best Movie”, “Veronica Will not Come”, “Burnt by the Sun 2”.

Throughout her biography, Rimma Markova received numerous awards, titles and prizes, including the title People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

Markova was married three times. Her second husband was Vladimir Nikitin.

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Biography of Rimma Markova