Biography of Ekaterina Guseva

Ekaterina Konstantinovna Guseva is an actress, Honored Artist of Russia.

Ekaterina was born on July 9, 1976 in Moscow. As a child, the biography of Ekaterina Guseva was filled with sports hobbies. She was engaged in gymnastics, swimming, dancing, figure skating. And besides she participated in school productions. During one of the acting nights a talented girl was noticed by the assistant of the teacher at the Shchukin school and invited to enter the theater.

So in 1992 in the biography of Guseva there was an admission to the school Shchukin, where she studied at the course of Simonov. After graduating from college in 1997, she made her debut in cinema, playing in the film “Serpentine Spring”. And after that she began to play in the theater of Rozovsky. For 4 years in the theater in the biography of actress Ekaterina Guseva, many successful roles were played. For example, she played in the productions “Poor Lisa”, “Gambrinus”, “Romances with Oblomov,” “Duck Hunt” and many others. Before playing in the “Nord-Ost” Guseva starred in the film “Brigade”, which strengthened its popularity on the screen. Since 2003, he has been in the Moscow Soviet Theater, also played in the theater at Serpukhovka, the theatrical agency “Art Partner XXI”.

To other roles in the cinema, in the biography of actress Ekaterina Guseva, roles in the films “Stop on Demand”, “Heaven and Earth”, “Cadets”, “From 180 and up”, “He, She and I”, “Runaways” “Hot Ice”, “Save Our Souls” and others.

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Biography of Ekaterina Guseva