The composition “My Grandfather”

I have a big and friendly family. My parents and I live together with my grandparents in a big house, which is located on the outskirts of our district. I spend a lot of time with my grandfather, who for me is an example for imitation.

This is a real man who knows how to do everything. My grandfather is no longer young and has long ago issued a pension. Therefore, I am constantly at home with him.

My grandfather Boris is tall. Despite his age, he always walks smoothly and straight. Physical training throughout life helped him to maintain a good form, and military training has brought up order and consistency in him.

He has a round face, which is covered with wrinkles. But, they absolutely do not age it.

The nose of Boris’s grandfather is covered with freckles. They make their way through the wrinkles and for a moment turn it into a young man.

His grandfather’s hair is covered with gray hair. In his life he saw a lot of things, so he got

a gray hair color, being still young.

My grandfather’s hands are covered with scars and scratches. He is constantly busy doing housework. I try very hard to help him in everything. My grandfather always shows me his skills and tries to convey experience. And I, in turn, try to memorize every word of it, so as not to miss something very important.

My grandfather is a jack of all trades. During his long and varied life, he performed a lot of various tasks and assignments. Therefore, there is no occupation that my grandfather can not handle.

Having achieved successes on a career ladder, the grandfather commanded soldiers, taught them tactics of carrying out of military actions. Therefore, he is very strict and restrained. These qualities help him to cultivate a real man in me.

Despite my age, my grandfather does not dress like an old man. He always wears ironed trousers and a clean, fragrant shirt. His shoes are polished to shine. Grandfather explains to me that a man in any case should look dignified.

I really love my grandfather and am proud that I have such an example to follow.

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The composition “My Grandfather”