“I love sports” composition

Now the preservation of health is an urgent topic. It is necessary to take care of it and observe the rules of its preservation. It is important to do exercises in the morning, brush your teeth, take care of your skin and your whole body. As they say: “Clean the basis of health!”

To maintain the tone, the children must attend sports clubs. I love dancing. If you take these lessons seriously, participate in competitions, you can get a ticket for the future profession. And continue training. For example, a teacher of physical education or dance.

I like to be constantly on the move. In the winter I skate, I like to participate in competitions on skis. In the summer I ride a bicycle, can with friends on it to drive into the forest in which a horizontal bar is made, on it we tumble and spin up. In our company there are boys and girls. The general interest in sports brings us closer.
I love sport. He teaches me to be hardy, to bring any business to the end. I’m learning to react correctly to victory and defeat.

Sports life, the ability to achieve their goals in any way, follow the rules. It brings people together, makes them better and has a beneficial effect on my health.

I know that movement increases my immunity, hardens and trains muscles. Doing sports hardens, because you need to train at any time of the year and weather. After training, I experience a feeling of joy, inspiration. When performing the exercises, the emotions are discharged, the transition from a sedentary lifestyle in the school to an impellent mode. Everyone should have a hobby, a desire to strive for victory. So in sports it is! Moving, we learn to overcome laziness, a depressed state, we are striving to achieve the goal, despite the difficulties experienced: muscle pain, fatigue, desire to sleep. And the main thing is emotional discharge, sharp sense of the winner!

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“I love sports” composition