Composition on the theme “The history of my family”

My dad has a sister – Aunt Tanya. The two of them grew up with their grandparents. I was very lucky with him, my grandfather and grandmother are kind and love us. They often give us sweets and gifts, and in the summer we go to stay with them.

Dad met his mother when they both studied at the road institute. He fell in love with her at first sight and longed for reciprocity. At first they were just friends, but the pope was persistent. In the fifth year they were married, and a year later I appeared. My sisters – Masha and Lena – were born when I was three years old.

Mom works in a design office and has time to educate us. She prepares breakfast for us in the morning, then goes to work, and after cleaning, cooking and washing. We try to help her, but I still wonder how she manages to remake so many things in a day.

Dad works as a manager, he comes in the evening from work and we dine together. In our family there is a tradition: we never sit down to supper until all members of the family gather. Sometimes in the evenings we all walk together.

The history of dating father’s parents is very interesting. Grandfather went in the summer on a voucher from the factory to rest in Sochi and went to the beach. There he bathed and sunbathed until he saw a young girl floundering in the water. Grandfather realized that she was drowning and rushed to save her. He succeeded, he saved the girl, so they met. Then, the truth, both lay in hospital with a pneumonia because the girl has got to a cold underwater current, and they have strongly caught a cold. But then, when they recovered, they began to walk together. A week later they left for different cities, but they kept in correspondence. And the next year my grandfather went to her and made an offer. Grandma agreed, and he took her with him. This is how the story of our family began.

I really love my family and I hope that we will always be together.

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Composition on the theme “The history of my family”