The composition “The war in my family”

Time counts down for years. And now our Russian people will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory of our people over the fascist invaders. In our country there is, probably, a family that this terrible war would bypass. Here in my family there is a participant in those great battles.

My great-grandfather Nikolai Petrovich Lazutkin participated in the battle on the Kursk Bulge near Prokhorovka. This tank battle took place in July 1943, and was the most powerful and terrible. From all over the front, the best gunners were collected. My great-grandfather was an artilleryman, a gunner. He was sent to the Kursk Bulge. Dad told me that his grandfather, which means that my great-grandfather hit the target with two cartridges. It was very good! The battle was day and night, no one slept. I’m proud that I had such a great-grandfather – a hero!

During the Great Patriotic War, my great-grandfather was awarded orders and medals. He received the medal “For Courage” for bringing “language”. It means a German. For bravery and courage, the great-grandfather was awarded the Order of Glory and the Order of the Red Star. Thank the granfather for the victory!

I am grateful to all soldiers of the war that they gave us a peaceful sky over their heads, a happy and happy childhood. We, their great-grandchildren, will always remember how much our country has won the Great Victory over the enemy.

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The composition “The war in my family”