Composition “About the Grandfather – participant of the war

My great-grandfather – a participant of the Great Patriotic War

Many years have passed since the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, and more recently I learned from my grandmother that my great-grandfather Nazyuta Nikolai Pavlovich participated in this terrible war.

According to my grandmother, in April 1941, great-grandfather was called by the Osipenkovsky District Military Committee of the Zaporozhye Region to join the ranks of the USSR Armed Forces for a long-term service in 912 a tank regiment loading artillery guns, and in June 1941 the war began.

In August 1941, in the first battles with the German invaders near the city of Minsk, the great-grandfather’s regiment was defeated, and the great-grandfather himself received a concussion.

After the battle the Germans went around the battlefields and took all the wounded, shell-shocked Soviet soldiers to captivity, my great-grandfather was also in fascist captivity.

For a long time he

was a prisoner in Germany, several times tried to escape from the prisoner of war camp, but the fascists returned him again, in punishment for the escape the Nazis were starved, dogs were bullied, their nails were torn off. Enduring humiliation, bullying in 24 years, great-grandfather weighed 34 kilograms. Exhausted from hunger, disease, unconscious, the fascists threw him into the trench, in which were the bodies of tormented, half-dead soldiers. The policemen controlled the trench with live corpses, heard the moaning of a little-born great-grandfather, the policeman identified him in a hut where sick Soviet soldiers were. So by lucky chance my great-grandfather remained alive.

Prisoners of war in Germany were forced to work in the construction of airfields for German aircraft. In which of Germany’s cities the great-grandfather was in captivity, the grandmother did not speak, as she said, the great-grandfather did not like to remember these difficult events.

When the prisoners of the Soviet Army liberated prisoners of war from German camps, the great-grandfather with many wounded soldiers was sent

to Koenigsberger, now Kaliningrad, where he passed the “filtration” and again took the oath.

As a member of the 228 Guards and Rifle Regiment, he continued the war with a submachine gunner, participated in the liberation of Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Romania. In May 1946, I met Victory in Czechoslovakia.

For participation in the Great Patriotic War he was awarded 6 medals, in 1985 to the 28th anniversary of his great-grandfather was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree.

68 years have passed since the end of the Great Patriotic War, but the memory of the events happened lives in every family, in each beating the heart of our grandmothers, grandfathers, fathers and mothers, and I am proud that I had such an great-grandfather who, together with Soviet soldiers went through the war and won in this terrible, terrible war, giving us a clean peaceful sky over his head.

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Composition “About the Grandfather – participant of the war