“Notes of my great-grandfather” Shtifter in brief

The hero, describing the old house that belonged to his great-grandfather, the rural doctor, recalls: “The old utensils surrounded us with an indelible record, and we children got used to it, like an old book with pictures, the key to which was possessed only by the grandfather, he, the only one living life-writer of the doctor, his father, “in the chest kept a lot of cherished gizmos, the only purpose of which was there to be stored. Becoming a man, the hero returns to his native nest and finds in the attic an old leather-bound book familiar to him from childhood. This is a note by Dr. Augustine. The hero is immersed in reading.

The first entry is dated June 1739. After the refusal of the beloved to marry him, Augustine rushed into the forest and wanted to hang himself, but the old colonel, the girl’s father, sensing something was wrong, followed him and invited Augustine to talk. Two days later Augustine came to the colonel. The colonel told him his life. Deprived

of inheritance, he went after the death of his father to seek happiness in the world. He pictured himself as a great general, but no one wanted to take him to the service. In Paris, he happened once to accidentally win at a gambling table a large sum. He was lucky in the future, and soon he became very rich. But one person called him a villain who trades at the expense of crazy gold; The colonel gave his entire fortune to the poor and summoned the offender to a duel. Shooting his shoulder, the colonel left for Germany and entered the military service. At twenty-six, he inherited a considerable fortune from his uncle and was about to marry, but the best Friend betrayed him and married his bride. The colonel wanted to shoot himself, but a simple soldier from his company pushed him by the arm, and the colonel missed. With grief, he decided to squander the inheritance and for six years, skimmed with friends all that he had. The war began, and one day an old soldier suggested to the young man a wonderful remedy for love troubles:

Write down your thoughts and feelings and reread the records no sooner than three

years from now. Colonel tried this tool and made sure of its usefulness. He rose to the rank of colonel, was wounded and retired. During one of the hikes, his path lay across a picturesque valley, and now he decided to settle in it. He married a girl who was held in a black body by her family and was such a savage that she did not immediately get confidence in him. But with an affectionate and respectful obedience, he gradually won her love and was very happy. They had a daughter, Margarita, but when the girl was three years old, the Colonel’s wife broke into the abyss during the walk and was killed to death. A few years later, the colonel and his daughter left their house, lived in different places, and then decided to settle in the valley near Pirling, where the colonel bought a plot and began to build a house. Dr. Augustine was their neighbor, they became friends, and the doctor fell in love with Margarita, but she refused him. Fearing that Augustine could lay hands on himself, the colonel advised him to keep records and re-read them no sooner than three years later.

Augustine came from a poor family. When he returned home after finishing his studies, the peasant father did not dare come and say hello to his learned son. Augustine began to treat the sick and gave it all his time and strength. Everyone in the district loved doctors for their kindness and unselfishness. He not only did not take the poor from the poor, but he also tried to help with money. He built a house next to his father’s hut and found a healing spring nearby. But soon the father and sisters of Augustine died, he was left alone and took to his house a sick teenager Gottlieb, the son of a poor peasant. Augustine bought horses to make it easier to get to the sick, and went to them in any weather. The winter turned out to be severe, but then suddenly it became warmer and everything became covered with ice crust. “Another bush produced the impression of shredded candles or light, watery gleaming corals. “Under the weight of the ice, the trees were bent and broken, blocking the way, and Augustine had to walk around on foot, the wind blew, a storm arose, several people were killed, crushed by fallen trees, but soon the storm subsided, and clear spring days came. thawed out, the colonel came to these places and began to build a house. For the first time, Augustine saw the colonel with his daughter in the church, and they liked him, and soon the opportunity to get to know each other became closer. Gustin loved Margarita with all her heart, and the girl answered him in kind, but one day a nephew Rudolf, a handsome and noble youth, came to stay with the colonel, and it seemed to Augustine that Margarita was not indifferent to him, Margarita was offended and did not disown Augustine, but refused to become his wife. Augustine wanted to hang himself, but, surprised by the Colonel, he changed his mind. For the last time he tried to persuade Margarita, but the girl was adamant. Then the colonel sent his daughter away from home to a distant relative, and Augustine continued to treat the sick in the whole district and kept records, from time to time meeting with the colonel and never talking to him about Margarita. The circle of his activities expanded, and life increasingly refuted the words that escaped from him in a difficult moment: “The lonely, exactly torn from the rope anchor, longs for the heart in my chest.” So three years passed. Once Augustine was invited to a shooting festival in Pirling. There he met the colonel, who informed him of Margarita’s arrival. For three years of absence Margarita realized that she was not right, the doctor also realized that he was to blame, and they reconciled, to the immeasurable joy of the colonel, who had long dreamed of seeing them as husband and wife. Augustine was already at thirty, and his heart was beating with joy, like an eighteen-year-old boy. Returning home, he opened the window and looked out: “there was the same silence, tranquility and festive splendor – from the innumerable silver stars swarming in the sky.”

On this the hero stops the narrative, for he has not yet analyzed the further records of the doctor. Augustine lived a long happy life and in his old age became like a colonel. At the end of his life, he re-read his notes and did new ones, which the hero hopes to publish later.

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“Notes of my great-grandfather” Shtifter in brief