Composition on animals

Snowflakes are flying, snowflakes are flying. The forest paths covered with snow. From the cold daws hid in the pipes. And the hares were wearing white fur coats. (A. Tetivkin)

For the indigenous inhabitants of forests, winter is a harsh time. The earth was covered with a snow blanket, and food remained under it. In the cold season, birds and small animals need more to replenish the energy spent on warming. Frosts drive forest dwellers closer to human habitation. Tits and bullfinches were sent to the cities. In urban parks you can see flocks of twisting waxwings, glued together with frost-covered berries of mountain ash.

It is more difficult for a wild animal. If foxes and wolves, sometimes, wander into villages in the hope of ruining a poorly guarded chicken coop, then the ungulates in search of food have to overcome many kilometers of the path through deep snow. Slender roe deer and giant moose are equally frightened by night frosts after day thaws. The hard core leaves

deep cuts on your legs.

But such days please the lungs on the wolf’s leg. The ice crust of the crust survives the exhausted predators. They are not difficult to catch up unfortunate roeas that fall through the belly in the snow. The hare-rabbits feel at ease. Gigantic jumps they sweep along the snow-covered field to the nearest coppice. There they are waiting for the bitter bark of young aspen. White skin reliably disguises defenseless animals from bloodthirsty foxes and wolves.

We changed clothes for the winter and troublesome squirrels, replaced the red fur coats with silvery-gray ones. All the autumn the animals made stocks of nuts and berries, rassovyvaya supplies on hollows, and now they have nothing to worry about. The boldest go to populated areas to eat sunflower seeds, carefully stuffed people in bird feeders.

Lisam is left with one prey – the vole mouse. Sliding silently through the snow, the fox listens attentively to the rustle of grass under a snow blanket. She’s mousing. Here, the red-haired, black-shaded ears were fixed. Bounce! The fox dives deep into the snow. Another

moment, and prey in the teeth of a predator.

And at this time the owner of the forest sleeps a brown bear. All summer and autumn, the bear was fattening in the meadows and in the raspberries, and the bear accumulated a stock of nutrients under a thick hide. Now he can rest in his lair before the spring comes. His example is followed by a badger. Back in early November, this clumsy animal lay down in the hole, where it sleeps until the end of March.

The day becomes longer, the sun shines brighter. This spring comes winter on the heels, drives it to the north. Cold and hungry time for the forest beast ends. Time has made the next turn, the nature comes to life, rejoices in the warm sun rays. Soon the merry commotion of birds will fill the forest thicket, and the animals, tired of frosts, will come out to bask in the thawed patches.

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Composition on animals