“Description of the appearance of my mother” composition

Mother is the most expensive word

I love you, Mom

Mom is the most important and native person in life for everyone. Mom is the first word of a baby. Mom will always understand, listen, forgive pranks. It is more expensive than this person I do not have.

There are a lot of beautiful people in our country, but my mother is the best. For me it is the most beautiful. Mom has a round face, when she smiles, dimples appear on her cheeks. She never uses make-up, and I like it.

She has blue eyes, dark lashes, neat eyebrows. My mother’s hair is light brown, long. Mom beautifully curls them and they curl over the shoulders with curls. And sometimes braids plait. If my mother gets angry, a transverse strip appears on her forehead. The pope calls on her not to frown, otherwise wrinkles will appear. I love it when Mommy smiles, it means everything is fine.

My mother is short, slender. She never hurries, but she always does everything. My mother has “golden

hands”, as she is a wonderful mistress. He cooks delicious food, sews well and knits, knows how to draw. When she plays the piano, I watch her graceful long fingers. Of the ornaments, she wears only an engagement ring.

My mom dresses with taste, gives preference to the classics. But he likes shoes with heels. I know my mother’s gait very well and recognize her from the crowd of many thousands. In the mornings we run with her in the park, of course I do not want to get up, but in our family there is a rule: “In a healthy body – a healthy mind”, “Strength in motion.”

My mother is kind and caring, I really love her. She is always ready to listen to me and help, never screams, I just need one look at her to understand that I was wrong. She rejoices at my victories and sympathizes with my failures. Mom is a wonderful conversationalist, I can talk with her about everything in the world, we do not have secrets from each other. I want my mother to be happy, that she would meet each new day with a smile. Her dreams came true, and sad days in life will be as little as possible.

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“Description of the appearance of my mother” composition