Composition on the topic “Profession fireman”

Very soon, on April 30, the Day of the fireman or rescuer will be celebrated in the country. I thought about it; it means that people of this profession are in high esteem in our country?

On the territory of our country, the first fire brigade was created in Moscow in 1504. But the firefighter’s day is celebrated on April 30, as on this day in 1649 Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich issued a decree determining the composition and duties of fire brigades. The king appointed a clear order of actions and methods of firefighting. Also in the decree was laid the provision of round-the-clock duty and the right to punish the malicious violators of peace and those citizens who caused the fire. Many later, in the era of Peter the Great, the first professional fire brigade and the first fire station were created. But the professional holiday of firefighters appeared only recently, in 1999. It was established by the decree of Boris Yeltsin – the first president of the Russian Federation.


profession of a firefighter or a rescuer is one of the most important in the society. It turns out that throughout the world the profession of a firefighter is among the ten most risky and dangerous. People of this profession have their own to the rules of honor, which oblige them to risk their own lives in the name of saving other people. Yes, not everyone of us is ready to risk his life hourly. Therefore, a firefighter is a person with a sympathetic soul who never stale, and he is always ready for a feat.

Man has trained the fire to work. Man can control fire. And at the same time, for some reason, the incidence of fire in residential buildings, production facilities, and forest lands does not diminish. The summer of 2010 showed that fire is the strongest element, which brought a lot of trouble. The fire has come out of the submission of man for various reasons. But more often we are guilty – people. Fire, as an element, in dry weather can turn a huge territory into a black desert, covered with ashes. The task of the fire service to save people first, and then material values, buildings, forests,

agricultural land. Brave people extinguish multi-storey houses and even whole plants, with man-made fires, and also prevent the fire from spreading further. Every firefighter is a hero, every minute – in the war, every minute – he risks his head.

We also have a fire department in the city. Students of our school are there not only on excursions, but there are also children who try their hand at difficult training sessions along with real professionals. Of course, our guys diligently learned to climb stairs, staunchly carried the run in gas masks, jumped, and transferred weights. All this can be learned. But how to learn how to be courageous, forget fatigue, not know the words “I can not, I do not want to”, be ready to go into the fire and into the water at any time of the year, day, or day?

At school on a class watch, we watch movies, discuss and learn how to behave in case of fire and smoke. I think that if we are careful in dealing with fire, then there will be less trouble on the ground. At all times people have faced fires. And at all times the help of fire stretched firefighting calculations. It is the people of this profession, like no one else, who are able to sympathize with someone else’s grief, risk their lives for the sake of a stranger. Sometimes people have a vocation – to save and protect others. Only from such courageous and empathic people units of the State Fire Service are formed. I think that very soon I will join the ranks of school young rescuers. We, the guys, have someone to learn from courage and fortitude.

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Composition on the topic “Profession fireman”