My grandfather

My grandfather is the best man in my life and his name is Fedor to him already 62 years old. He has to be my grandfather on the maternal line, that is, he is the father of my mother. He is important for me not only as a senior relative of my family, but also as a friend and mentor. Even from a small age, I had very good friendly relations with him. And since my grandfather alone I spend every weekend with him at home.

Grandfather tells me a lot about his youth, how he had fun with his friends. He also talked about his impressions, about the service in the army and the gum stories that happened to him and his fellow workers. Also I like the fact that I can feel close to my grandfather calmly and there is nothing to worry about. Even if I do something wrong, and nashodnichayu he does not even scold me.

As a tutor, my grandfather teaches me a lot. He taught me how to repair a bicycle, told me what all the spare parts are for and how to choose the right keys for them. In addition

to the skill of repair, my grandfather told me how to behave properly among people. He constantly gives me interesting tasks and looks at how I solve them, after which he praises me for the successful implementation of them.

My favorite occupation is hiking with my grandfather for fishing. As my grandfather told me, he loved fishing from an early age and even took away the experience in this business. He taught me how to fish and showed me all the nuances in this business. Usually fishing is going well for us, and we catch a lot of fish, but there are days when we can catch just a couple of fish or nothing at all. We release the small fish, but we take the big one home. Grandfather tells me that a small fish can not be taken, since it can grow the next year, we already catch a big one.

Looking at my grandfather. I see in him a young man, but visually some features give out his age. His hair has already turned gray and his skin is not as smooth as mine. And the grandfather himself does not keep up with me. But when he meets his friends, they constantly tell him how young he looks and what, they say, is well preserved. But I do not care what my grandfather looks like, the main thing for me is his young soul.

To conclude, I would like to say that my grandfather is a model of imitation, he taught me a lot. And the main thing is that I see in my grandfather a friend and a person to whom I can apply for help on any issues. I hope that I will be able to become the same person as my grandfather.

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My grandfather