Composition on May 9

National holiday – Day of memory of the fallen, Day of glory of winners. We, the students, need to work in the field of education. Learning in good faith is hard work. But without knowledge, we can not find our way in life. An independent country needs high-class specialists. Only in this way will my Motherland become equal among the highly developed European states. Fatherland and mother do not choose. Perhaps that’s why these two words are often used side by side. After all, we also call our Motherland. Each of us under the word Fatherland imagines the native faces of parents, friends, relatives. And, protecting the Motherland, everyone protects the most precious. For my family on May 9 – not just a date in the calendar, but one of the largest holidays.

My great-grandfather died, defending the Motherland. His letters and funeral are carefully preserved in our homes. Mom and grandmother even went to his grave somewhere near Pskov. My grandfather is a regular

military man. Where only did not throw his fate! Together with my grandmother, they traveled almost the entire former Soviet Union. My mother was born in Kamchatka. And my dad is a reserve officer. After graduating from the Aviation Institute, he served for two years as an aviation technician and was promoted to senior lieutenant. I also want to become a military man. After graduation I hope to join the military university. So we will have a military dynasty. The profession to defend the Motherland, in my opinion, is the best profession on earth. I do not understand young men who try to avoid military service, because the army has always tempered both the body and spirit. Only in the ranks of the army courage is forged.

This is my belief. That’s why I pay a lot of attention to sports, almost as much as training. Some people say that we have nothing to defend, because we do not have a state. I do not think so. Economic disagreements are the process of the formation of our state, it is like a disease that needs to be overcome. But is the sick mother abandoned to the mercy of fate? No, it is treated and protected.

I am very glad that the President legitimated the day of May 9 Victory as a national holiday. I hope that we will keep the tradition of celebrating this day. How good that we live in a peace-loving state, but the world needs not only to protect, but also be able to protect. And when women already choose the profession of the military, then we, the strong half of the society, should be ashamed of the fact that among us there are those who avoid military service.

Victory Day is a festival of gray veterans and servicemen of all generations, this is a holiday of the current military and those that will come after them, it is a holiday of those women who waited for their relatives from the army or shared with them a difficult military fate. So, Victory Day is a national holiday.

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Composition on May 9