Composition on the theme of my room

I have my own room. I really like to be alone in it or invite friends to visit.

My room is very light. The large three-winged window faces south, so almost a whole day the room is flooded with sunlight.

On the window there are cheerful yellow-brown curtains. The walls are covered with light yellow wallpaper. This color creates a feeling of joy and optimism. Near the window is a desk. Here I do my homework, I’m doing it. Nearby is a bookcase. On his shelves not only educational literature and dictionaries, but also many books that have already been read and that I still have to read. In the corner, on a small computer table, sat my computer. I also spend a lot of time behind him. On special shelves I have computer training disks and various disks with games.

Here is my bed. It is wooden, narrow, covered with a plaid yellow-brown plaid. Next to the bed is a small bedside table. There is a tape recorder and an alarm clock on it.

Above the bed hang photos in the frames on which my friends and memorable events of school and sports life are imprinted.

The room is reserved for physical education. There is, for example, a crossbar on which I pull myself every morning. On the floor are dumbbells and a small bar. At the wall there is a folding table for playing billiards. My friends and I like to play it.

My room has everything I need. Here I am comfortable and relax.

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Composition on the theme of my room