Summary “Grandfather Mazai and hares” Nekrasov

They took shelter in a shed, where funny conversations immediately began. Grandfather Mazai was a great mastak for different tales and interesting stories. At first he poisoned village hunters, among whom one broke the trigger of a rifle and went hunting with a box of matches, another always had his hands cold and he was warmed by a pot of coals he carried with him. And one was a unique case with Mazay himself, and therefore the narrator decided to write it himself.

And that’s why the plot of the work “Grandfather Mazai and hares” (short content) is very interesting.

The old hunter began to talk about the fact that if in the spring floods in the low places the peasants did not kill the game, then it would be much more in the local places.

Nekrasov “Grandfather Mazai and hares”: a summary

So, one day in the spring, during one of such strong floods, Grandfather Mazay got out into the woods for firewood.

So begins the story

called “Grandfather Mazai and hares.” A brief summary is below. Floating on a boat, his grandfather discovered a small islet in the water, on which hares were huddled to escape the flood. The old hunter took them to his boat. And then he noticed on the stump hare and also saved her from certain death. After a little swim further, he saw a log, on which a few more hares were sitting. Then he hooked the log with a crash and dragged along behind him. Grandfather took all the animals to a safe place and released them – they rushed in all directions. Two pairs of hares were greatly weakened and could not escape. Mazai put them in a sack and brought them home, warmed them up and released them in the morning.

That’s how the work “Grandfather Mazai and the hares” ended. The summary can be concluded by the fact that after this incident the whole village laughed at his grandfather Mazay. And since then he has not fired hares in the spring or in the summer, only in the winter. In the summer he hunted ducks, picked berries and mushrooms, and mishandled with hunters and often went on foot to Kostroma.

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Summary “Grandfather Mazai and hares” Nekrasov