The composition of Ivanov’s painting “The Seven Boys”

The painting “Family” by SV Ivanov depicts a winter landscape. The country road, along which people go, was covered with snow. In the foreground works of the landlord family. Their outfits are very harmoniously combined with each other. All members of the family are dressed very brightly and festively. It can be assumed that Christmas is now. Judging by their smiles and the hotel, which the grandmother bears in her hand, they go on a visit. In front of all there is a girl in a white sheepskin coat with a fringing of natural fur.

This whiteness of her sheepskin emphasizes youth and innocence. A bright red hem of a gorgeous dress peeks out from beneath a fur coat. Outside it is freezing cold, and the hands are not frozen, the girl made a sleeve out of her sleeves and put her hands in them. On her head, she has a soft pink kerchief in red peas, which contrasts perfectly with her ruddy cheeks.

Behind the girl are the grandmother and grandfather. The grandmother wears a thick brown sheepskin coat with black fur. The hem of her dress is blue and pink. Under the dress is carefully chosen and a handkerchief, which also has a pale blue color. Next to the grandmother is a tall grandfather in his long coat. She is so warm and has so many furs that he felt hot in it, and he unbuttoned it. The fur coat has a very large fluffy collar made of fur. In the hands of his grandfather wear brown gloves, and with his right hand he leans against the staff.

For the grandfather and grandmother are a young woman with a child in her arms and a man. We can assume that this is the girl’s parents. Closing this procession guy with a girl.

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The composition of Ivanov’s painting “The Seven Boys”