Composition on the theme “Strong man”

First, a strong person is someone who, despite all the hardships of life, can continue the way forward towards the intended goal. Agree that it is quite difficult. Many people despair when something goes wrong and throw the business started halfway. A strong person will not do this.

Secondly, such a person has not only responsibility to himself, but also to other people. He will not leave anyone in need, he will always come to the rescue. Some understand actions such as sentiment, although this is not true.

And thirdly, he has spiritual power. Such a man is opposed to the temptations of the world. He does not smoke, does not drink alcohol, does not seek “easy money”. Totally achieves himself.

For me, my grandfather is an example of a strong person. In his youth, he was seriously injured and became disabled. Grandfather could not walk. Doctors claimed that he would spend his entire life in a wheelchair. But it turned out differently. My grandfather did not give up and began to slowly train his legs. It took him ten years to restore his health.

Now my grandfather is perfectly well. He works and goes in for sports. At the same time, he helps us – the grandchildren. He tells us examples from his life and gives reason to think about what it means to be a good and strong person. On weekends we go camping together and grandfather tells us how to find food in the forest, how to light a bonfire without matches, find clean water and much more.

I know that if I get into a difficult situation – I will not give up and will fight until I get a good result! If it works out to other people, then I will succeed. I am sure that I am also a strong person!

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Composition on the theme “Strong man”