Composition “Friends of my childhood”

I have two real friends – Julia and Sergei. We know each other literally from the cradle and are inseparable for 13 years already. Our mothers are best friends, they are friends since childhood. We are almost like relatives!

He is 14 years old, he is my classmate. Sergei is not tall, with dark hair, brown eyes and freckles. He’s just a computer genius, adores mathematics, computer science and physics (the exact opposite of me).

Serezha’s sister Yulia is 16 years old. She is short, slender, with dark curly hair. She, like me, is fond of foreign languages, cooking and dreams of going to the UK. We quite often spend time together, chatting about different things, watching films, doing English, baking something. With her, it’s easy and fun! We understand each other with a half-word.

Earlier, when we were young, we often played three together. We had such a game “Train”. When we slept together, our beds were wagons, the conductor was selected (in turn), we cut out tickets from paper and seemed to be traveling somewhere. They also played in Bank. They made cash, money from colored paper, various “documents.” Internet we did not have, so we came up with games of all kinds: a shop, a hospital, a school, a wedding…. In general, it was quite fun and now, when we remember it, we always laugh.

I hope that with Julia and Sergei we will be friends all my life, since these are my friends since childhood. And childhood friends are most appreciated!

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Composition “Friends of my childhood”