Painting by Popovich “Letter to Grandfather”

The boy will write a letter to his grandfather. In the picture he does not yet write it, but only talks about how to start and where. The first thing I see in the picture is a picture of my grandfather, he looks strictly dressed in a suit and hat. Probably, grandfather is not very affectionate with his grandson, but the boy still loves him and misses him, wants to tell about his life.

The boy loves football, and he even put the ball on the table, apparently he was dirty after the game, but it’s like the boy washed it. Oh yeah, recently he had a game, and in her team the boy won, and he stood at the gate and very successfully hit the ball. A friend of the boy likes to draw and captures the moment of breaking the ball in the picture, which hangs directly above the grandson’s table.

There’s a cat sitting on the table, I think the boy well fed him before writing to grandfather, so he’s so pleased. Next to the pen on the table is a pencil, so the boy in the letter wants to draw a drawing. Maybe he’ll draw another favorite teddy bear, which he once already drew and hung a picture on the wall.

To the right of the picture of a teddy bear on the wall there is still a photograph, maybe it’s the grandmother or aunt of a boy. Maybe she lives with them or nearby and often comes to visit. It seems to me that the boy in general will forget to write about it, it’s not for nothing that the artist painted it so finely.

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Painting by Popovich “Letter to Grandfather”